WordPress is the ultimate, open source content management system (CMS), in which any kind of website or blog can be built and managed with. A content management system is a comprehensive computer program that allows users to control content and media, and maneuver them freely to create a system that works best for their needs.

WordPress is a CMS specifically designed for managing websites. It allows users to control the entire layout, functionality, and content of their website. This includes all kinds of data, such as the content of your pages, videos, the color scheme of the website, and functionality of every menu button, link and image.

The most important aspect of WordPress is that it is an open source community. Being an open source community means that anybody in the world can create new functionalities and compatible add-ons.

Not only is WordPress a great CMS, but also the open source community if full of passionate enthusiasts and developers whom had created and will continue to create solutions that everybody can access and easily use for their own websites.


32% of the web uses WordPress, from hobby blogs to the biggest news sites online.

What Kind of Websites Can Be Built With WordPress?

The combination of this powerful CMS and thriving open source community results in limitless creation. By using WordPress to create your website, you can create the most simplest of websites or the most intricate.

Here are some of the website types that we have created in WordPress: